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Vogue Tyres & the Slab Scene

Vogue Tyre has always embraced the loud, shiny and flamboyant Slab culture. The iconic elbow wheels, glossy candy paint, and an over-amped stereo system set them apart in the world of custom automobiles.

Representing Houston Hip-Hop

Slab is believed to be acronym for Slow, loud and Bangin! Originating from the city of Houston, slab and swangas are more than just a car modification trend, but they are part of the urban culture of Houston.

Emerging from the streets, customizing cars in the slab way allowed their owners to have a unique expression of themselves. In the early 1990s, slab became deeply embedded in the Houston hip-hop culture. Once the elbow wheels started making their way into hip hop music videos, the scene expanded into something bigger than just stylistic expression. It formed a culture that is alive and thriving. Houston hip-hop has a very slow, laid-back, and psychedelic sound that allows you to immerse in the atmosphere.  The slab culture is one that endorses all the characteristics of Houston Hip-hop and represents it in the form of car customization.

Vogue Tyre’s Part in the Slab Scene

A slab is typically an older modeled, large-bodied, American sedan. Some of the most famous slabs are Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick, and Oldsmobile. Not only that, but they are also equipped with various body editions, with the most important one being the rims.  Poking out elbows showcase the cone-like elongated rims that stretch from side to side. Importantly the Texas Wire Wheels are always wrapped with our uniquely designed Custom Built Radials.

Additionally, there is also a fifth wheel that hangs at the trunk. This is often enclosed with fiberglass casing. This unique collection of expression allows Vogue Tyres to contribute vastly to the distinguished appearance of Slabs and Swangas.

Resonating with the Slab

Vogue Tyre has of history of providing some of the best and most luxurious custom luxury tires. This legacy has continued for over 108 years. Thus, it has been part of car culture and custom vehicle design trends.

Just like the Swab culture, Vogue Tyre has always been in the forefront of innovation, technology, design, and customization. Similarly, we have never been afraid to stand out from the rest of the market. We believe that Slabs are special, and we are proud to be part by providing our Custom Built Radial tyres to the slab scene.

We aim to help keep Slab Culture alive, and our efforts towards developing high performing all-season tires speak volumes in terms of it to reach consumers that are looking for the most uniquely designed tires in the industry.  When our tire dealer partners deliver a Vogue Tyre they aren’t just delivering an ordinary tire, they are helping their customers to stand apart from the rest and feel special about their vehicle.  Vogue Tyre is helping to keep automotive passion alive, whether it is on a new Chevy Truck, a classic Cadillac or a one of kind SLAB, Vogue Tyres fulfill a unique design like nothing else.

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