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How Automotive Accessories Can Drastically Increase Car Dealership Profits

Vehicle accessory sales are booming. As a member of the industry, a slice of that massive 40 billion dollar pie should be yours. If you have already introduced aftermarket vehicle accessories into your business, but you're finding it challenging to break into the profit lanes - you're not alone.

While an upsell on a vehicle is fairly effortless and holds the potential to bring in a whole separate stream of revenue into the company, there are a few common pitfalls that could impede your success.

At Vogue Tyre, we assist businesses with integrating these new product lines into existing systems. As a result, we have observed the common challenges businesses face and today, we’re addressing them with solutions that are easily implemented and fast-track your vehicle accessory sales.

Inter-department Silos

Successful dealerships are aware of the effort it requires from each department to make the transition to seamless vehicle accessory sales, easy. Each of the three departments; Sales, Parts, and Service function as a cog in a very big wheel. For there to be a forward motion and progress, each department has to work together.

At Vogue Tyre, we have often observed that there is a shifting of responsibility; with each department complaining about the other. While no one takes accountability, little progress is made and the vehicle accessory sales stagnate.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Sales department — “Parts and Service charges us too much”

  • Parts department — “The Sales department can't sell this stuff”

  • Service department — “This stuff is a pain to install and we have to deal with the customer if it's an issue”

Sound like a headache? Let’s face it, you already have enough on your plate, coordinating departments is a challenge. Our experts at Vogue Tyre are here to help. With years of experience we have solutions to make vehicle accessory sales EASY and PROFITABLE.

Keeping Up With Vehicle Accessory Trends

Battling to move certain products? There are a number of possible causes for this but the first point of call is to examine the current trends.

The vehicle accessory industry, much like that of clothing and jewelry accessories, comes and goes according to trends. That will mean certain products will simply gather dust on the shelves, while there is enormous demand out there for other products you’re not stocking.

For example; 20 years ago dealers could make substantial amounts of money selling simulated convertible roofs (sim-cons). 10 years ago big chrome wheels were all the rage, and today it's all about black-out kits.

You can stay updated on current trends by examining consumer statistics for products before you place your order, or, you can jump onto social media and follow some of the leading vehicle accessory hashtags to see what people are talking about. Keeping your finger on the pulse with regards to the current trends can prevent product obsolescence.

Getting the right product at the right time will ensure your success - this is an area of expertise we can assist with - we keep up to date on the latest demands and upcoming trends to ensure we align with the market’s demands. We’re always available to provide assistance, we have a nationwide team that works with hundreds of dealers and all of the major brands so we see what is working and can share with you what is hot and what is not.

The most important point to remember is that trends come and go, products come and go, but the desire to customize a vehicle and add an element of personalization to a vehicle is forever. No one wants to drive a typical vehicle that’s identical to every other model like it.

You’re not just selling custom wheels and accessories, you’re selling a sense of individuality and the ability to stand out with style. The way in which that style is portrayed will change with the trends.

Vehicle Accessory Sales Support and Training

We get it. Nothing happens until the product is sold. But you cannot have success without the proper product knowledge or selling skills to present aftermarket the most likely vehicle accessory in a way that truly sells them as a must-have irresistible asset.

First, understand the value of what you are selling. You're not selling a smarter looking car, you’re selling someone their own personal style signature which will precede them wherever they go.

  • Does your sales team understand this?

  • It doesn’t always happen initially. But if you plant the seed - and sell the signature look instead of the vehicle accessory you are sure to find success.

Do you have a process to show prospects available accessories? Does your team know which colors and accessories are most desirable with specific vehicles? Do they know which products are better for the overland or off-road look - and which vehicle accessory could add comfort to drivers purchasing trucks and crossovers? Each vehicle accessory comes in a variety of colors, finishes, technologies, and different fitments - is your sales team able to advise customers on their best options based on trends and the client’s unique purposes?

Make sure your sales team is trained to communicate the importance of purchasing the chosen vehicle accessory or accessories from you - because your dealership is where they sourced the vehicle, to begin with. Help clients to understand that you offer aftermarket assistance on the highest quality products that they won’t find anywhere else.

Does this sound like a lot of work? We understand. At Vogue Tyre we offer professional assistance with every aspect of your training needs to empower your teams to get the stock moving off of the shelves, and increasing your bottom line We have worked with hundreds of successful dealerships across the country and can get your team up and running quickly.

We have the experience and know-how to ensure your dealership can grow your aftermarket vehicle accessory sales - profitably. With our experience and different customizable offerings whether its dealer-direct, custom center or design studio we can make you successful and more profitable.

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