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What Is The Right Size To Stock?

Having the right tire, at the right time, to take care of customers continues to be a challenge for everyone in the tire business.  Vogue Tyre has 25 different sizes for our Custom Built Radial White/Gold and White/Red line of tires.  However, we often get the question from our exceptional tire dealer partners on what the top sizes are to stock.   The top three sizes for Vogue Tyre account for 33% of our volume.  So, these are the sizes we recommend you have in stock to take care of your customers immediately.  The top three sizes are:

  1. 245/40R20

  2. 235/55R17

  3. 285/45R22

Let’s look at each size and review the primary vehicle fitments that you could expect coming to your shops.

The 245/40R20

The 245/40R20 is a very popular size for our traditional Cadillac car customer.  This is the OE size for the CT6 and uplevel XTS.  It is also the plus size for later model DTS and CTS vehicles.  In addition, we see our Custom Built Radial is very popular on Buick Lacrosse, Chevrolet Impala, and Lincoln Continentals where the 245/40R20 is also the OE fitment.  As the Vogue Tyre look continues to grow in popularity, we also see the size being put on Infiniti’s, Genesis’, BMW’s, and Mercedes’. 

The 235/55R17

The 235/55R17 is a very common size for many makes and models but the traditional big GM vehicles had this as an OE size, so it is very popular for our Custom Built Radial.  The Cadillac DTS, CTS, Deville, Seville, STS, Buick Lucerne, and Park Avenue all had the 235/55R17 as the standard OE size.  In addition to the tradition car fitments, we also see this size being put on crossovers like the Ford Escape, the Volkswagen Tiguan, and even the Volvo XC70. 

The 285/45R22

Trucks and SUVs continue to grow.  With nearly 75% of vehicles now sold being crossovers, trucks or SUV’s the demand for these fitments will naturally continue to grow.  Vogue Tyre is no exception to this trend.  Our 285/45R22 Custom Built Radial is the fastest growing size we have.   Just in the past year our volume has doubled in this popular size and has moved this size into the top three volume sizes for Vogue.  The Cadillac Escalade is the most popular vehicle for this tire, but we also see this size going on plus sized trucks like Chevy Silverado’s, GMC Sierra’s, Ford F-150’s, Ram Truck’s, and Toyota Tundra’s.  The 285/45R22 Custom Built Radial is popular on other large SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition.  As you know this is a huge segment and continues to be a large opportunity for exceptional growth in the future. 


Vogue Tyre has continued to evolve its business and fitments to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of consumers.  But something that has not changed over time is the fact that the products manufactured by Vogue Tyre are designed for a select group of customers. Vehicle owners who don't settle with a good set of tires, since what they are looking for is the best and most exclusive set of tires on the market.

In that regard, Vogue Tyre dealers have a unique advantage. There is no other product like the one they offer. Vogue Tyre's product catalog includes tires for every type of vehicle. From luxury cars to sports vehicles, from passenger cars to crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. Each tire is manufactured using cutting-edge manufacturing processes to ensure they meet Vogue Tyre's legendary quality reputation. Overall, no other tire can provide the unique style, performance, and unsurpassed quality that Vogue Tyre delivers.  Most importantly selling Vogue Tyre is good for your customers, it's good for your shop and it’s good for your bottom line.

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