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Vogue Tyre’s Truck and SUV Growth

If you look out across the sea of vehicles on your morning commute or in the lot of your favorite warehouse store, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking at a mix of vehicles that is heavily dominated by the SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle, and light-duty pickup trucks. Statistically, there’s a good chance you own an SUV or light - truck yourself!

When you look at the numbers, they are simply staggering: 

  • 77% of all vehicles sold in the US in 2021 were trucks or SUVs (Cox Automotive)

  • SUVs and Trucks occupy positions for 8 / 10 best-selling vehicles in America (Statista)

  • Crossover SUVs made up 4% of the market in 2000, yet make up 40% of the market today (Consumer Reports)

So, what gives here? How did the SUV and trucks market go from also - ran a mere ten years ago, to being the dominant force in vehicle sales today? The quick answer lies in the magic of marketing, advancements in vehicle technology, and the subsequent changing buying habits of the American public. Whatever the reason is and however you break it down - this trend doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon.

People can’t get enough!

Vogue Tyre Technology and The SUV Truck Craze

The modern SUV and light truck give consumers a little bit of everything they need, and the tyres that underpin modern vehicles also need to rise to the occasion by providing the traction a modern driver expects, with the driving precision they want. To support the light - truck, and SUV crazy, manufacturers like Vogue Tyre needed to create tyres that would meet these changing needs head-on.

Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2

 The Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT is an ideal example of this mixed need philosophy. All - Season capability on a wide - variety of road surfaces is expertly combined with Vogue’s commitment to exemplary ride characteristics, secure handling, and quiet ride. All with a dash of style and design that will instantly allow your customers to stand out from the rest. This is style with substance and it fits perfectly with today’s modern SUV or light - truck.

Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2 White/Gold

The Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2 comes in these popular sizes:

  • 235/55R20

  • 275/55R20

  • 285/45R22

  • 305/35R24

 And coming soon we will bring out the popular truck sizes:

  • 265/70R17

  • 275/65R18

 With these popular sizes Vogue Tyre will have a fitment for many of the most popular Trucks and SUV’s.

Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2 Red Stripe

The Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2 comes in these popular sizes:

  • 275/55R20

  • 285/45R22

  • 305/35R24

Recommending Vogue Tyres for the modern SUV is an EASY choice. Your customers bought a Truck or SUV because they wanted it all, so why not offer them a tyre that is designed to rise to the occasion?

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