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Meet The Team: JP Davy

High-performance organizations at the top of their field use information technology to their best advantage every day. They don’t just have a passing acquaintance with I.T., either. Instead, they rely on it consistently through all their management tasks. Why? Simply put, it’s one of the most useful tools in the leader’s toolkit. Today’s technology solutions help streamline communication, secure data, and information safely, allows efficient access to and transfer of knowledge, and automates process and reduces expenses.

Vogue Tyre’s Web and Mobile leader, JP Davy, is driving Vogue Tyre’s business performance improvements every day. His deep set of knowledge and values is an ideal match for a company with an incredible 100 plus year legacy that also happens to build the best tires on the market. As you can imagine, keeping up with the sweeping changes in technology does not come easy, but JP consistently delivers solutions that help Vogue Tyre improve our process to better take care of our customers.  We believe that one of the reasons why Vogue Tyre has been in business for over 100 years is because of dedicated, talented, and unique people like JP. We’ve been proud to call JP a member of the Vogue Tyre family for the last 22 years.

Trying to constantly identify friction points for our customers and implement technology solutions that improve our processes and in turn, help us provide better service to our customers.
JP Davy

When it comes down to experience in the industry, you don’t get much more knowledgeable than JP. JP is second generation Vogue Tyre, following his father into the business who recently retired from Vogue at 68 years old.  JP grew up around Vogue Tyre and it wasn’t uncommon to see JP rollerblading around the warehouse on the weekends when his dad was in the office.  JP started working part time a Vogue during college and has since been the go-to expert on IT, Web and Mobile. 

When JP started at Vogue, orders were either phoned or faxed in and manually put into the Vogue computer system.  We have come a long way a long since then and JP has been at the forefront of implementing to improve Vogue Tyre’s overall business efficiency. In addition, JP has implemented:

  • Our VNET web ordering system allowing our customers to have a world class ordering process

  • Unified all our software to Microsoft solutions to align with our customers

  • Transition to cloud-based server system for improved uptime and better security

  • Standardized all our web platforms for better reliability and repairability.

  • Streamlined and digitized our tire adjustment and warranty process to make it quicker and easier to take care of our customers. 

These achievements and more provide the grease to ensure the wheels at Vogue Tyre keep moving forward.  When there is a problem JP is quick to lend a hand to get things fixed and has become a valued team member that is constantly relied upon.

JP is modest when it comes to his impact but really focuses on, “Trying to constantly identify friction points for our customers and implement technology solutions that improve our processes and in turn, help us provide better service to our customers.”  JP’s leadership has been a steadying force to ensure Vogue Tyre is always ahead of the curve in technology solutions that help our customers succeed.

For 22 years Vogue Tyre has been fortunate to have such a highly regarded professional as JP as a member of the Vogue Tyre family.  He’s built a reputation internally and externally that has ensured the business processes of Vogue Tyre are up to date, efficient, secure and most of all helpful.  We know our company would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for people like JP.  His level of commitment to ensuring our customers are successful coincides with our goal of delivering the best tyres in the industry.  If it weren’t for team members like JP, we wouldn’t be growing and thriving some 107 years after inventing the whitewall tire.  Because it's not just the product, it's the people behind our product that makes Vogue Tyres so special.

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