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Taking Notice: Vogue Tyres

Since the beginning of Vogue Tyre’s journey through the American landscape, our ability to stand up, and stand out from the rest has imbued our company with a sense of unique purpose and dynamic energy. For over a century, we’ve backed up our iconic looks with a tyre that offers a custom-made level of quality, longevity, and performance that automotive enthusiasts of all kinds have noticed for generations.

They Aren’t Singing about Goodyears

Perhaps one of the deepest cultures of Vogue Tyre lovers is the Hip-Hop community.

Right from the very beginning, hip hop groups like Run DMC placed American luxury vehicles like Cadillac, right front and center on the album covers and in their music videos. Since many artists of early Hip Hop came from poor upbringings and being able to buy a Cadillac with Vogue Tyres was the ultimate sign that they had “made it”. It was the ultimate status symbol.

“SnoopDeVille” 1969 Cadillac DeVille on Vogue’s & Dayton Wires

Over the history of hip hop, Vogue Tyres have been mentioned nearly countless times in both lyrics and in videos. Take one look at Snoop Dogg's ride “Snoope De Ville” and you can see the passion for not only classic American luxury cars but for Vogue Tyres as well. In 2013, Hip Hop artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis even wrote a song and did a music video called “White Walls” that memorializes Vogue Tyres. This video has been seen over 85 million times!


In Houston Texas, a movement known as Slab Cars has taken over the automotive pop culture of this Great American city. Much like the lowriders of the 1960s and 70s in Los Angeles, slab cars utilize an ostentatious design that is often built by owners themselves. Hand sewn details, beautifully pinstriped exteriors, outlandish stereo systems, and lustrous paint are mixed with over-the-top wheel designs that are combined with modern Vogue Tyres. It's one of the most unique Automotive movements and it's gaining popularity in other places around the country as well. Recently Vogue Tyres on a Slab was featured in Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode video featuring Drake that has had over 1 billion views.

“Slab Cars” in Houston, Texas

A Listers

It is not just one or two artists singing about Vogue Tyres, the list includes Beyonce, Kanye West, Kid Rock and many, many more.

Macklemore - White Walls E-40 - Mustard and Mayonnaise
Paul Wall - Red Stripe Beyonce
Snoop Dog Kendrick Lamar
J. Cole Kanye West
Rick Ross Mike Jones
Kid Rock Too Short
Iggy Azalea Sir-Mix-A-Lot
Outkast Big Boi
Ludacris Future
Master P Yelawolf
Big KRIT Bun B
Machine Gun Kelly

A Big Impression

Not only do our tyres turn heads, but when these influential artists sing about our tyres it provides billions of impressions for more people to learn about Vogue Tyres in a non-traditional manner.  No other tire company can say that they have Grammy winning artists singing about their tires and no other tire company can deliver head turning style to your customers like Vogue Tyres.  No matter what, there will always be a group of Automotive enthusiasts who can't wait to stand out from the rest. The original concept created by Harry Hower way back in 1914 stands today because of the iconic appearance, backed up by exemplary quality, that enables your clients to feel special while driving their unique ride.

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