Vogue Tyre Elite

The Vogue Custom Built Radial White & Gold Line of Tyres

One of the aspects that set Vogue Tyre apart from the rest of the manufacturers is its distinctive white and gold sidewall design. However, its striking design is not enough in today's competitive market. It is for this reason that Vogue Tyre has created different lines, each one focused on delivering unsurpassed quality, style, and performance.


The Custom Built Radial is the highest performance passenger car tire within Vogue Tyre’s White and Gold lineup. Its asymmetric tread design offers unmatched handling at all speeds, regardless of the road condition. All in all, an optimal choice for sports car owners looking for a set of high-performance tires offering Vogue Tyre’s exclusive white/gold sidewall design.

The Custom Built Radial line is currently available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 15” to 22” in H and V speed ratings.

  • 215/65R15 100H XL GW

  • 215/70R15 103H XL GW

  • 235/70R15 106H XL GW

  • 235/75R15 109H XL GW

  • 225/60R16 102H XL GW

  • 235/60R16 104H XL GW

  • 215/50R17 95V XL GW

  • 215/55R17 98V XL GW

  • 225/50R17 98V XL GW

  • 235/50R17 100H XL GW

  • 235/55R17 99H SL GW

  • 235/45R18 98V XL GW

  • 245/40R18 97V XL GW

  • 245/45R18 100V XL GW

  • 235/50R18 101V XL GW

  • 235/55R18 104V XL GW

  • 245/45R19 102V XL GW

  • 245/35R20 95V XL GW

  • 245/40R20 99V XL GW

  • 245/45R20 103V XL GW

  • 265/35R22 102V XL GW


The Custom Built Radial SCT has an all-season design specially created to satisfy the growing market for crossovers, SUVs, and trucks that require tires that provide a smooth ride regardless of weather conditions. In that sense, SCT's tread is optimized to offer a long service life, as well as extraordinary stability both on dry and wet roads.

Currently, the Custom Built Radial SCT line is available in the most common sizes for this type of vehicle ranging from 20" to 24".

  • 265/70R17 116H XL

  • 275/65R18 116H XL

  • 235/55R20 105H XL

  • 275/55R20 117H XL

  • 285/45R22 114H XL

  • 305/35R24 112H XL


Every Vogue Tyre Custom Built Radial and Custom Built Radial SCT are designed, engineered and manufactured with the following features: 

Exclusive whitewall design. Common to all lines is Vogue Tyre’s exclusive white/gold stripe that gives each tire its unmistakable classic look.

Vogue Tyre’s Miracle Tread Compound. Also common to all Vogue Tyre products is its unique miracle tread compound that gives the tires exceptional traction at low temperatures along with incredible grip on wet roads.

60,000-Mile Treadwear Warranty. Few tire manufacturers dare to back their products with a warranty consistent with their quality promises. That is not the case with Vogue Tyre. All of our tires have a 60,000 warranty. That speaks volumes about the confidence we have in the quality of our tires.

Superior Water Displacement. Safety is a high-priority for Vogue Tyre. For this reason, all tires include four wide circumferential grooves in the tread which provide efficient water drainage when the road is wet.

VogueTech Comfort Ride. Along with safety, for Vogue Tyre offering a smooth ride is also a top priority. That is why all our tires use an optimized tread design that minimizes noise levels regardless of the road condition.

The benefits of Vogue Tyre don't stop here. Our engineers have included a number of features adapted to each type of tire/vehicle. Some of these exclusive features include Robust Belt and Sidewall package, Tread Sipes, Wide Shoulder Block Design, Sloping Tread Elements, and Aqua Tread Block Design.


Something that has not changed over time is the fact that the products manufactured by Vogue Tyre are designed for a select group of customers. Car owners who don't settle with a good set of tires, since what they are looking for is the best and most exclusive set of tires on the market.

In that regard, Vogue Tyre dealers have a unique advantage. There is no other product like the one they offer. Vogue Tyre's product catalog includes tires for every type of vehicle. From luxury cars to sports vehicles, from passenger cars to crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. Each tire is manufactured using cutting-edge manufacturing processes to ensure they meet Vogue Tyre's legendary quality. Overall, no other tire can provide the unique style, performance, and unsurpassed quality that Vogue Tyre delivers.

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