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Vogue Tyre Classic White

Transforming the mundane into the extraordinary requires a unique vision. Back in 1914, Harry Hower, a chauffeur of his time, demonstrated this visionary spirit by partnering with the Woodbury family to pioneer the very first whitewall tire. This exclusive creation, named Vogue, marked the birth of the original designer tire brand.

Over a century has passed since that groundbreaking moment. In the present day, the Vogue Tyre and Rubber Company continues to occupy a distinctive niche that the industry. For those astute consumers who demand every facet of their vehicle to be a statement piece, right down to the tires, Vogue stands as the singular choice.

Harry Hower conceived the whitewall tire, recognizing its potential to captivate chauffeurs and onlookers alike. The concept gained swift traction, enabling Vogue Tyre to transcend its Chicago origins and expand its influence all the way to the western coast.

This expansion marked the initial triumph in Vogue's storied journey. By the 1930s, Hower's ingenious whitewall tire design had surged in popularity. To emphasize its demand, Ford even introduced whitewalls as an option for numerous new models in 1934.

Fast-forward to the contemporary era, where legions of enthusiasts harbor an affection for the unique allure only a whitewall tire can provide. Catering to enthusiasts seeking to distinguish their vehicles from the ordinary, the distinctive Classic White Tyre by Vogue offers an unparalleled blend of style and performance.

Now available for your consumers, the Vogue Classic White unveils a 1 ½-inch wide whitewall design that seamlessly marries the vintage OE white whitewall aesthetic with modern safety and performance standards. Specifically designed to fit most classic, larger American-made vehicles, the Classic White comes in the 235/75R15 size.

However, the Classic White Tyre isn't merely about aesthetics – it boasts exceptional performance as well. Boasting a T speed rating, it outperforms other leading tire brands, offering customers the pinnacle of contemporary tire safety and performance. Key features of the Vogue Classic White include:

  • Vogue Tyre’s Miracle Tread Compound: Engineered through meticulous scientific formulation, this premium tire compound guarantees superb traction, and unparalleled wet grip.

  • XL Load Range: Vogue Tyre's robust belt and sidewall construction empowers the Classic White to conquer the most challenging road conditions of today.

  • 60,000 Mile Manufacturer’s Treadwear Warranty: The Vogue Tyre Craftsmanship Pledge represents the tire industry's foremost post-sale commitment, assuring customers of tire longevity and reliability.

  • VogueTech Comfort Ride System: Carefully optimized tread design, coupled with meticulously tuned body ply construction, guarantees a serene and comfortable driving experience.

Since the launch of the Classic White, it has risen to become one of Vogue's top 10 best-selling tire offerings, a testament to its enduring appeal and timeless style.  The Classic White Tyre transcends the realm of ordinary tires and ordinary vehicles. For customers seeking uncompromising safety, unparalleled performance, and head-turning elegance, the Classic White Tyre from the originator of the whitewall, Vogue Tyre, is the definitive choice.

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