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Meet The Team: Jesse Perez

"I’m just so blessed to be here and to have the opportunities that I’ve had."
Jesse Perez

If there’s a phrase that wraps up why Jesse Perez, our Custom Center Manager in Houston, Texas, it’s absolutely this. Jesse is one of those rare people that speak with humble gratitude, yet also possess a confident demeanor that instantly puts you at ease, no matter who you are. His passion for his work and his family pours out of him and even after only a brief conversation, you know that Jesse is the kind of guy who just loves life. At Vogue, we couldn’t be happier to have people like Jesse on our team and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to tell you just a bit more about this born and bred Texan.

When you speak to outstanding people at Vogue Tyre like Jesse Perez, you’ll notice a trend that’s nearly impossible to ignore. Not only do Vogue Tyre’s employees enjoy a staggeringly long career span at Vogue (27 years in Jesse’s case) but they carry with them a sense of pride and accomplishment that they get to work for a company with a legacy as legendary as Vogue Tyre. This passion for being unique and passion for standing out flow through people like Jesse and it is this fortitude that continues to propel Vogue Tyre forward into the 21st Century.

For Jesse, his Vogue story started when he was 18 years old, when he got a job as a tire technician, installing Vogue Tyres at David Taylor Cadillac in Houston, Texas. Having just gotten married to his high-school sweetheart, and looking to start a family, Jesse was looking for career stability and a place to call home. Jesse worked incredibly hard for 3 years by building a reputation as not only a solid worker but someone who was thirsty for additional challenges. Incredibly, at the age of only 21 years old, Jesse was placed as a candidate for the open Custom Center Manager position in his dealership. He was recommended to the position by the dealership manager, who saw tons of potential in Jesse.

Not only did Jesse get that position as the new Custom Center Manager, but he excelled in the role for a staggering 26 years! Jesse became a fixture at David Taylor Cadillac, a long-standing member of their family as well as a member of the Vogue family. His success is not only measured by his longevity at Vogue Tyre but also by his accomplishment within the Custom Center itself. How good is Jesse? How about joining the million-dollar + sales club for a consecutive 25 years! This success is no accident and is a testament to his commitment to his craft and his love for making his customers beam with excitement when he gets to put his mark on their own personal vehicles.

If you grow up in Houston, you already know that this beautiful, dynamic city has an incredibly unique car culture and a unique music culture that are tightly intertwined. Throughout his younger years, Jesse had taken part in this unique world where music and cars often collided and had the opportunity to make friends with musicians who not only loved music but loved cars as well. Houston’s Slab (slow, loud, and bangin’) cars became a rolling symbol of the Houston hip hop community, and companies with deep ties to the custom community like Vogue Tyre we’re right at the heart of this movement.

Before Jesse ever knew that his career would eventually take him to Vogue, he was attending car shows where slab car and hip hop went hand in hand. One of Jesse’s longest friends is Houston-based hip hop artist Paul Wall, who also happens to have an incredible car collection and a love for Vogue Tyres. Wall’s unique style of hip hop, known as chopped and screwed, became synonymous with the slab car movement, and years down the line Jesse, who is still friends with Paul Wall, asked him to create a song unique to the Vogue brand. In 2019, Paul Wall did exactly that and released “Red Stripe” where Jesse even gets a shout-out at the beginning of the song. Now THAT is cool!

After a 26 year run at Cadillac, Jesse decided to take on a new challenge in his career and moved over to West Point Lincoln. Here, Jesse puts his unique take on Lincoln’s ever-growing and award-winning portfolio of products like the legendary Navigator and the brand new Aviator. Jesse, much like Vogue Tyre, never backs down from a challenge and is constantly seeking new and exciting ways to reinvent himself. West Point Lincoln welcomed Jesse with open arms and showed him an incredible amount of personal support as well as supporting the growth of the Custom Center.

It’s no surprise to us that after 27 years, Jesse is still just as excited to call Vogue Tyre his home as he was the day he took that tire tech position. His passion for helping customers create the ultimate, stand-out rides is a strong match for a company whose entire identity is formed around the belief that being unique is a lost art in today’s fast-paced world. There’s no doubt in our mind that Jesse will continue to grow the reputation of West Point Lincoln and put his own personal mark on the vehicles that roam the streets of this unique, Texas-sized city.

Vogue Custom Centers represent a proven business plan that allows our dedicated personnel the opportunity to help grow dealership gross profits and their reputation within the community. It’s people like Jesse that propel Vogue Tyre forward and we couldn’t be more blessed to have him part of the Vogue Tyre family.

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