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Looking Back and Looking Forward

When you’re a company that’s been around for over 100 years, you have some serious bragging rights, sure, but you also have some serious expectations as well.

After all, if we’re talking about the impact on car culture, Vogue Tyre occupies a position in the hall of automotive greats. From the whitewall tires on the chauffeured grand machines of old Hollywood to the lowrider and custom car scene of today, Vogue has always been at the center of something great. What we’ve never done in our 100 year plus history is rest on our laurels, take our heritage for granted or stop innovating and pushing forward. Sure, we can talk about the wonder of making it 100 years all we want but if we want to be around for the next 100 years, we need to continue to adapt and evolve. We need to stand out in new and different ways.

Standing out can mean so many things. In the beginning, we stood out by providing a unique product that helped the most beautiful automobiles and the most beautiful people in the world stand out from the rest. We rode a wave that would eventually turn into a tsunami, a force of nature that we today simply know as “car culture”. Americana. An America that’s so interlaced with car culture, that we’ve turned cars from an appliance, into a pastime. A nation full of car-crazy people, that expands through generations and generations alike. We were always there, right in the middle of this movement toward automotive bliss and passion.

Back in the 1930s and 1940s, car culture was just starting to get its legs. From custom rods in garages all over Southern California to the beginnings of American luxury that would eventually become the hallmark of the Vogue name, our nation was quickly becoming car crazy. With innovative products like the Vogue Gold Streak, Vogue trucked through decades and decades of national upheaval, and post-war prosperity and began to cement a business plan that would take it through the next 5 decades.

Primarily operating through Cadillac dealerships, Vogue Tyres became the hallmark upgrade for consumers looking to stand out in one of our countries most illustrious brands of vehicle. Yes, you could say that Vogue is indeed the “Cadillac” of tyres and this moniker is well deserved. We use this phrase to describe something that is the best example of a particular product and that’s exactly what Vogue Tyres gave to Cadillac buyers. The opportunity to purchase a tyre for their vehicle, which represented the standard of the world, was rolling on tyres that were also the standard of the world. This was standing out in the most fantastic of ways and it was a great plan for nearly 50 years.

In 2008, everything changed for not only Vogue but for the rest of the world as well. The Great Recession forced Vogue’s leadership into reconsidering their ability to stand out as the economy of the world completely collapsed around them. Vogue Tyre needed to shift directions, and fast, if they wanted to make it out of this trying time. This called for action as bold as the tyres themselves and in 2010, we emerged with a new manufacturing partner, a new business plan, and a new lease on the future. If you think we would be knocked down after making it just shy of 100 years - you’d be wrong.

The 2010s brought the opportunity to stand out in a completely new way and with a completely new set of customers. Although Vogue made its name on the whitewall and Gold Stripe line sold on Cadillacs, Vogue leadership saw an opportunity to take our high - quality, hand-built tyres and completely change the market by offering a product that was a perfect match for the luxury and grand touring cars that consumers were eating up. In 2013, the blackwall, Signature V line was introduced. Further catering to consumer’s buying habits, in 2015, Vogue introduced the Custom Built Radial SCT, and the Signature V Black SCT. Tires that are specifically designed for the unique needs of today’s modern SUV.

Not only did we completely change our product line, but we completely changed how our product went to market as well! Our partnerships with local tire retailers has allowed Vogue Tyre to connect with consumers that may not be aware of Vogue’s incredible history, hand-crafted quality or industry leading Vogue Craftsmanship Promise: 5 Year/60,000 mile Limited Treadwear Warranty. This approach has allowed us to continue to build a legion of local, raving fans that will not only be returning buyers to local shops but also tell their family and friends about their experience with both the shop and Vogue Tyres.

As we look toward the future, we’re filled with excitement and hope. Through our robust social media channels, we’ve allowed Vogue Tyre fans to share their personal take on their own rides. This deep pride and love for their own personal automobiles goes hand in hand with the Vogue mission of providing the best quality tires in the world to the best fans in the world! Who could have ever thought a hundred years ago that our business would not only be growing, but growing based on interactions with fans on a smartphone. It’s remarkable!

There are some ways that Vogue remains decidedly “old-school” but we like it that way. We still provide exemplary quality tires, unique sidewall designs (have you seen the red-stripe line?) and outstanding, passionate customer service. Those things will never change but that doesn’t mean that we don’t apply these core values to bigger and better opportunities. It’s this mentality that will take us through the next 107 years and will allow us to continue to be the most unique and highest quality tire on the road today.

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