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Vogue Tyre's Century Of Craftsmanship Pledge

As part of its customer-centric culture, Vogue is committed to manufacturing top-of-the-line tyres and providing its customers with the best post-sale service. The high-quality of our products has allowed us to develop an after-sale strategy that contributes to brand loyalty and boost our sales. Our company makes sure that customers are satisfied with their purchase by extending an exclusive limited warranty that includes the following benefits.

Craftsmanship Assurance

We are proud to offer some of the best tyres on the road and we want our customers to rely on the high quality of our products. For this reason, Vogue warrants that its tires will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If any Tyre becomes unusable due to a breach of this limited warranty during the first 4/32” of the Tyre's original tread life, as measured by the depth of tread remaining, Vogue will replace the Tyre with a comparable new Vogue tyre free of charge.

60,000 Mile Mileage Expectancy

Vogue puts the best engineers and technology at the service of its manufacturing process. Every new Tyre goes through a detailed quality control process that ensures an expected tread life of at least 60,000 miles. If a Tyre wears down to its original tread depth indicators (2/32”) evenly across the tread surface before delivering the expected miles, Vogue will give you a pro-rated credit against the purchase price of a comparable new Vogue tyre based on the mileage not received (determined by the odometer reading).

30 Day “Buy And Try” Guarantee

We are committed to granting customer satisfaction, so we have developed a special “Buy and Try” guarantee that allows them to return our products if they are not satisfied with the purchase. Any Tyres sold in sets of 4 or more through an authorized retailer are covered by Vogue's “Buy and Try” Guarantee. This means that if a retail customer is not completely satisfied with his or her eligible Tyres, the tyres can be returned to the location where they were originally purchased within 30 calendar days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Roadside Tyre Assistance

If any Tyre loses air for any reason to the extent that it cannot be driven to a nearby service station for repair, Vogue will, in addition to any remedies provided above:

  • Pay for the customer’s road service, from the nearest service point, to replace the Tyre with a spare tyre; or ($50.00 maximum)

  • Pay for the cost to repair the flat Tyre ($10 maximum).

Trip Delay Replacement Guarantee

If any Vogue Tyre becomes unusable and cannot be repaired and the customer is unable to obtain a replacement Vogue Tyre, Vogue will reimburse the customer for a non-Vogue brand replacement tyre purchased to temporarily replace the unusable Vogue Tyre.

Vogue understands that every new purchase is the start of a long-lasting relationship with a customer that will ultimately lead to brand-loyalty. We are committed to building a strong bond with our customers based on integrity, trust, and support.

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