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Product Differentiation and Why Being Different Is Good Business

For more than 100 years, Vogue Tyre has stood out within the tire industry. While we've delivered unparalleled excellence since the inception of our company, our core success has been focusing on delivering distinctive tires that look great, provide safety and performance, but most importantly make consumers feel special about owning our tyres.  That last part is the secret sauce to our longevity.  Plenty of tire companies provide tires that deliver quality, performance, safety, and a whole list of features, but do they make their owners feel special about owning them?

When consumers are looking for a particular product, whether it be a pair of red shoes or a software solution to automate email sends, chances are that they will not only find that product—they will likely be overwhelmed with options. Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers, had nearly 120 million products listed for sale. And many of these products are very similar in description, functionality, performance, popularity, and price.

According to Youngme Moon, senior associate dean and chair of the MBA program at Harvard Business School, 99% of executives think their business is different from its competitors. Unfortunately, most consumers can’t tell the difference between one business’ offerings and those of similar businesses. Being different makes you irreplaceable to your customers and being irreplaceable leads to greater loyalty.

And yet, many businesses are afraid to be different, because that means taking a risk and being alone, Youngme explained. Making it more difficult is the fact that, when businesses ask for customer feedback, the responses that come back often say, in essence, “Be more like this other company.” That’s because while customers can tell you how they want you to improve, they can’t tell you how to be different. That’s something you must do on your own.

It’s tempting to be a safe and boring company. A safe and boring marketing strategy churns out safe and boring stuff. It’s inoffensive and, thus, beyond criticism. You won’t stand out but also won’t thrive. You’re just like everyone else. The problem is, of course, that nobody will care, either. If you’re an old, established company with deep pockets, you can get away with it. If you’re looking to grow, it won’t serve you. Sure, some people prefer to buy from boring companies, but they already have a relationship and aren’t looking to change.

And in today’s information at your fingertip’s world, it is even easier to find out what your competition is doing and go down the path of matching the competition’s offering, price, quality, service or even trying to outmatch them.  But remember, the competition also has access to the same information.  So as companies evolve their instincts lead to products and services that become even more alike than different.  At that point you must compete on price and that is a spiral that results in shrinking profits. 

So, Vogue Tyre continues to do things differently.  Our products look different, the way we go to market is different, our culture within the company embraces the idea that it is okay to be different.  While our tires have changed dramatically over the last century, our commitment to differentiated excellence has not, and the tires we produce still turn as many heads and drive as many sales as they did in decades past.

As an exclusive Vogue Tyre dealer, you access a history of success that only our unique brand can bring, and you're welcomed as a valued partner in an ongoing quest to achieve ultimate differentiation and incredible rewards. Distinguish your business by connecting with Vogue Tyre today and join us on a journey marked with increased profits more satisfied customers that love their tyres from Vogue.

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