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Leadership In Design

As the inventor of the whitewall tire, Vogue Tyre has always been synonymous with design innovation.  Throughout our history Vogue has been a tire design leader. No other tire company has developed as many unique sidewall designs as Vogue Tyre.

Attention to every design detail has always been a trademark of Vogue Tyre design standards from the beginning.  Not just a whitewall tire, but a designer tire that would enhance the styling of the world’s most prestigious vehicles.  Design treatments like scallops, firestones, raised letters and logos, where all integral parts of a Vogue Tyre design.

As trends in automotive design changed, Vogue adapted its designs to meet it target audiences. In the 50’s Vogue Tyre made tires specifically for the growing drag racing scene.  Our tires not only performed excellent they had added a sense of drama to the design of the vehicle with bold sidewall lettering and a unique sidewall design.

During the 1960s, Vogue Tyre whitewall tires started featuring distinctive gold stripes separating the black parts of the tires from the white. While this innovation may seem simple, it was both aptly timed and impressively well received. This was, after all, the era of flashy cars that were designed as much to impress as they were to perform and adding a little bit of luxury to our whitewall tires perfectly played to the sentiments of the decade's style-conscious car owners.

Over the years Vogue Tyre has continued to explore design trends. 


Throughout our history, we've separated the Vogue Tyre brand from the competition with continuous innovation. Since the invention of the whitewall tire, Vogue Tyre has been the innovator while other brands have been the imitators. That's a perspective we should all take in business, and the rewards of this position go far beyond mere bragging rights.

The more that you embrace innovative design ideas and technologies, the more that you differentiate yourself from the competition and become associated with cutting-edge developments that the world has never seen before. Whether it's the addition of a new product or the adoption of a new style, embracing innovation is the best way to differentiate your business and set yourself up for ultimate success. And, when it comes to tires, there's nothing more alluring than the design of a Vogue Tyre.


From 1914 to today, Vogue Tyre has continued to deliver innovation upon innovation while remaining true to our iconic designs and rich heritage. While our tires have changed dramatically over the last century, our commitment to excellence has not, and the tires we produce still turn as many heads and drive as many sales as they did in decades past.

As an exclusive Vogue Tyre dealer, you access a history of success that only our brand can bring, and you're welcomed as a valued partner in an ongoing quest to achieve ultimate innovation and incredible rewards. Distinguish your business by connecting with Vogue Tyre today and join us on a journey marked with more satisfied customers and increased profits.

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