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Since the beginning of Vogue Tyre’s journey through the American landscape, our ability to stand up, and stand out from the rest has imbued our company with a sense of unique purpose and dynamic energy. For over a century, we’ve backed up our iconic looks with a tyre that offers a custom-made level of quality, longevity, and performance that automotive enthusiasts of all kinds have noticed for generations.

From the Golden Age of Hollywood to modern Hip-Hop culture; Vogue Tyre has been at the center of automotive pop culture, constantly morphing along with the times to stay both relevant and show new generations of enthusiasts the Vogue Tyre difference.

Early Years

Back in 1914 when Harry Hower, a chauffeur from Chicago, joined forces with the Woodbury family to create a tyre business, he had no idea what he was in for or what he would create.

 The goal of the original whitewall tyre was simple: stand out from the rest of the chauffeurs that were working around the Chicago area to get more business. Not only was this idea successful for Harry, but it was the impetus for the idea to start a full-blown tyre company with the signature whitewall tyre as the centerpiece.

 It wasn't long before Chicago's most prominent families all demanded that their vehicles were riding on Vogue Tyres.

Golden Age Of Hollywood

Clark Gable: 1935 Duesenberg

In 1926, Harry Hower and Vogue Tyre expanded their business beyond Chicago and added in the West Coast as their primary market. Dodson Limited was chosen as the primary distributor in the Los Angeles region, and within a few short years, every member of Hollywood's elite wanted Vogue Tyres on their incredible rides.

 Remember, the Golden age of Hollywood corresponds with the Great depression as well and these vehicles (as well as the people that drove them) became beacons of Hope in an otherwise bleak world. Not only were both tyres stylistically superior, but they were of exemplary quality and provided a level of ride and handling that the finest automobiles in the world demanded.

From Gary Cooper to Rita Hayworth; everyone wanted a piece of that Vogue Tyre magic. It was just the kind of escapism a struggling country needed.

Gary Cooper

50’s and 60’s Industry Icons

The 50’s and 60’s saw large swaths of car-crazy Americans taking to the streets. While TV and Movie stars like Bob Hope continued to equip their favorite vehicles with Vogue Tyres, others were taking note.  Notably Vogue Tyre noticed more and more business people putting Vogue Tyres on their vehicles. 

Stanley Marcus

Vogue Tyre continued to grow its reputation in the business community for their exemplary performance, as well as being more attractive than the typical radials that were being used at the time.

Hip Hop & Today’s Trend Makers

 Perhaps one of the deepest cultures of Vogue Tyre lovers is the Hip-Hop and lowrider community.

 Right from the very beginning, hip hop groups like Run DMC placed American luxury vehicles like Cadillac, right front and center on the album covers and in their music videos. Since many artists of early Hip Hop came from poor upbringings and being able to buy a Cadillac with Vogue Tyres was the ultimate sign that they had “made it”. It was the ultimate status symbol.

“SnoopDeVille” 1969 Cadicalled DeVille on Vogue’s & Dayton Wires

Over the long history of hip hop, Vogue Tyres have been mentioned nearly countless times in both lyrics and in videos. Take one look at Snoop Dogg's ride “Snoop DeVille” and you can see the passion for not only classic American luxury cars but for Vogue Tyres as well. In 2013, Hip Hop artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis even wrote a song and did a music video called “White Walls” that memorializes Vogue Tyres. This video has been seen over 85 million times!

And as music, social media and vehicles become more intertwined influencers like DJ Envy ensure that their custom rides are equipped with Vogue Tyres.

DJ Envy

The ultimate reinforcement that Vogue Tyre continues to be a presence in the Custom Vehicle marketplace is when the owners of custom vehicle shops put Vogue Tyres on their personal vehicles.  Owners like Ryan Friedlinghaus from West Coast Customs and Danny Koker from Counts Customs use Vogue Tyres on their personal custom rides. 

Ryan Friedlinghaus – West Coast Customs
Danny Koker – Count’s Kustoms

A Driving Force

 No matter which decade you're in, there are a group of Automotive enthusiasts who can't wait to stand out from the rest. The original concept created by Harry Hower way back in 1914 stands today because the iconic appearance was always backed up by exemplary quality.

 Whether you're talking about 1930s Duesenberg’s, or classic American luxury cars like the Cadillac Fleetwood; Vogue Tyre was right at the middle of all of it and will be at the center of many more Automotive trends to come.

Here’s to the future!

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