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Meet The Team: Greg Paul

There are few people in this industry that can truly say that they believe in and practice true customer service excellence. Vogue Tyre’s very own Greg Paul just so happens to be one of these exceedingly rare individuals.

His deep set of personal values is an ideal match for a company with an incredible 100 plus year legacy that also happens to build the best tires on the market. As you can imagine, steering a company through a huge variety of trying times does not come easy. We believe that one of the reasons why Vogue Tyre has been in business for over 100 years is because of dedicated, talented, and unique people like Greg. We’ve been proud to call Greg a member of the Vogue Tyre family for the last 41 years and we can’t wait to tell you all about this exceptional member of our team.

Yes, Greg has indeed worked with Vogue Tyre for the last 41 years! But it gets even better than that. In fact, Greg has actually worked with Vogue for 43 years, since Greg spent 2 years with Vogue prior to attending the University of South Carolina. After his time there, he was welcomed back to Vogue with open arms and he’s been here ever since. His kind character and easy-going nature coincide wonderfully with his dedication to doing right by his customers and his absolute knowledge of everything there is to know about the tire business. He embodies the spirit that’s made the Vogue name synonymous with style and quality for over 100 years and his story is quite unique.

Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Greg had an early introduction to the automotive world. His father was a General Manager at a Chrysler / Dodge dealer where Greg spent time hanging around the dealership with wide eyes as classics like the Chrysler Imperial would roll on by. His love of cars and car culture only grew from there. Greg started working with Vogue as a young man and decided after 2 years to continue his education at the University of South Carolina. After college, Greg came back to Vogue and was hired on as the youngest Regional Manager in the company up to that point. At the right bold age of 25, Greg was ready to take on the world and ride into the great unknown and grow along with Vogue.

Greg’s success with Vogue is no accident. In fact, his flexibility, accountability, and his remarkable dedication to his customers has made him an indispensable member of our family. In his time with Vogue, Greg has lived in several states, including Georgia for 21 years, Ohio, and now the great state of Texas. Greg jokes that he knew he would eventually end up in Texas because his wife is a native Texan. There’s a saying that “Everything in Texas is best” and with people like Greg calling it home, this sure seems to be true. Greg loves the diversity, culture, and uniqueness of the Lone Star State and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

When it comes down to experience in the industry, you don’t get much more knowledgeable than Mr. Paul. He’s worked in everything from Vogue’s Custom Centers to regional roles like he holds today. He provides exemplary knowledge from years in the business and a committed, accountable attitude to independent tire shops and car dealers alike. Vogue may be most remembered for the white and gold stripe tires that made their way onto luxury vehicles like Cadillac, but they’ve also innovated beyond their heritage to produce tires for everything from high-performance vehicles to SUVs. As the world’s needs have changed, so have the offerings from Vogue tire and Greg is there to help push our innovative products to our network of retailers.

Customer service is a term that tends to get thrown about in the corporate world without regard for its true meaning. Companies like Vogue truly embody an incredible customer service attitude and it’s people like Greg that have made their unique vision a reality since 1914. It’s no surprise that Greg’s customers can call him anytime they have a need or that he remains fully accountable for solving problems; even when the issue has nothing to do with his error. Through hard times, ups and downs and everything in between, Greg has evolved, adapted, and grown as a person and as a member of the Vogue family. He’s built a reputation that’s as solid as Vogue itself and his dedication to treating every single one of his customers with fairness and honesty allows Vogue to build and reinforce customer loyalty year after year. They’ve given exceptional talent like Greg the opportunity to grow, as well as the freedom to handle issues on the fly, and do what’s needed to rectify any issue he encounters.

We know our company would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for people like Greg and that’s why we wanted to put the spotlight on his accomplishments and more importantly, his attitude. Of all the things that make Greg unique, it is his attitude. His high level of commitment to being the absolute best at his job coincides brilliantly with our goal of delivering the best tires in the world. If it weren’t for team members like Greg, we wouldn’t be thriving 107 years after our founding.

We produce the best tires in the world and we employ the best team in the industry. That’s the Vogue difference.

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