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Luxury From the Ground Up

It takes a true visionary to turn something as utilitarian as an automotive tire into an object of desire. But in 1914, Harry Hower, a chauffeur at the time, did exactly that by teaming up with the Woodbury family to create the first whitewall tire. The exclusive offering was given the name Vogue – and suddenly, the first designer tire brand was born.

That was over 100 years ago. Today, the Vogue Tyre and Rubber Company continues to fill a void that the industry has otherwise left untouched. For the discerning consumer who wants every part of their vehicle to make a statement, including the tires, Vogue is the only choice.

Importance of Design

Designed to enhance the beauty of vehicles Vogye Tyre has a history of bing adorned on the most exclusive vehicles.  In the 20’s and 30’s Vogue Tyre made a name for itself by being the tire of choice for the most exclusive vehicles like Duesenberg and Cadillac.  Vogue Tyres were the hallmark of the growing wealthy movie stars like Clark Gable and and Rita Hayword.

Clark Gable and his one of kind Duesenberg on Vogue Tyres.

As the auto industry developed vehicle design became ever more important.  Because design is the ultimate product differentiator and increases the desirability of products, automakers were investing heavily to make sure their vehicles stood out from the rest through innovative designs.  By 1960, the whitewall tire had been in existence for over 40 years, and this technology had been adopted by practically every major tire brand around the world. No other company, however, had significantly added to the usefulness or aesthetics of our tire technology, so Vogue Tyre decided that it was high time to shake up the industry with an entirely new type of whitewall.

The Ultimate Designer Tyre

During the 1960s, Vogue Tyre whitewall tires started featuring distinctive gold stripes separating the black parts of the tires from the white. This design innovation was the first time a tire company used two colors on the sidewall design of a tire.  While this innovation may seem simple, it was both aptly timed and impressively well received. This was, after all, the era of flashy cars that were designed as much to impress as they were to perform, and adding a little bit of luxury to our whitewall tires perfectly played to the sentiments of the decade's style-conscious car owners.

Initial Sketch of the White and Gold Custom Built Radial Design

At Vogue, our lineage runs as deep as America’s love of vehicles. Today, you can slice off a piece of this automotive history and show your own vehicle with a statement piece that will instantly have others taking notice.  Vogue customers have a sense of pride from the head turning design the is truly luxury from the ground up.

Advanced Technology and Safety

Not only do Vogue Tyres look great they perform exceptionally well too. Available in H and V speed ratings and are designed to perform as well as other top tier tires.  So, your customers can be assured that they are getting the most advanced performance and safety available in tires today.  Some of the key features of all Vogue Tyres are:

  • Vogue Tyre’s Miracle Tread Compound.  Our premium tyre compound has been scientifically formulated to provide excellent traction and our extreme silica technology provides exceptional wet grip.

  • XL Load Range. Vogue Tyre’s robust belt and sidewall package ensures Vogue Tyres can take on today’s tough road conditions.

  • 60,000 mile Manufacturer’s Treadwear Warranty. Vogue Tyre’s Craftsmanship Pledge is the tire industry’s leading after the sale promise and guarantee.

  • VogueTech Comfort Ride System.  Vogue Tyre’s optimized tread design along with specifically tuned body ply construction allows for a quiet and comfortable riding tyre.

Vogue Tyres are no ordinary tyres for ordinary vehicles.  If your customer is looking for uncompromised safety, performance and head turning style, then look no further than the tyre that provides luxury from the ground up…Vogue Tyre.

Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2 on a Cadillac Escalade

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