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Classic Cars on Vogue Tyres

The popularity of old school vehicles is on the rise, as some things in life cannot be replicated no matter how hard we try. The thrill of experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells from key times in our lives can never be forgotten, and this is the purest definition of nostalgia. Vogue Tyres has been in the business for over 100 years and knows a thing or two about bringing elements of the past into the present day with sophistication. So, how does Vogue capture these feelings of nostalgia and what does that mean for modern drivers? Let's find out.


Founder Harry Hower's simple idea of creating a sensation around a whitewall tire helped his business stand out from the rest when all other chauffeurs were running high-end automobiles with black wall tires. This concept became the standard for how a high-end automobile should look, ride, and handle. As decades passed, Vogue continued to offer this winning formula of the original whitewall tire but evolved the design and performance to meet the needs of the vehicles they were installed upon. Vogue's charisma and connection to American luxury brands like Cadillac created an iconic combination and a goal for discerning people all over the nation.


Nowadays, classic cars like muscle and luxury cars from the 1970s and 1980s are becoming more popular as people realize their rarity and value. Enthusiasts are personalizing these vehicles by taking 15- & 16-inch standard rims and replacing them with 18s-, 20s- or 22-inch wheels, giving them a substantially different stance and look. Vogue's larger Custom Built Tyres have been a unique choice for consumers looking to stand out.

Vogue Tyres is present in custom car culture and classic car culture. The tyre exudes a level of fit and finish that's at the top of the industry while still providing a classic, nostalgic look. In this sea of sameness, Vogue tyres allow classic cars, light trucks, or SUVs to have that additional bit of pop and style that says, "I've arrived!".


Nostalgia is big business, and Vogue is here to serve the needs of the car-loving community that remembers when showing up with a new set of whitewall tyres meant you had made something of yourself. Throughout the history of Vogue, passion for standing out with a truly world-class product has allowed the brand to build a legion of loyal, raving fans that often runs generations deep. This passion for creating the best tyres is an easy match for those who have gasoline and car polish running deeply through their body and would never be fine with staying stock. Selling Vogue Tyres is good for customers, good for your shop, and good for the bottom line.

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