Vogue Tyre Elite

Century of Craftsmanship Pledge

It's the details that make the difference in life.

At Vogue Tyres, we know a thing or two about craftsmanship because we’ve built a brand that is synonymous with an iconic automotive movement. Our tyres have been featured on some of the most prestigious vehicles in the world and have been at the center of America’s unique car culture for over 100 years.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk by supporting our product with coverage that far exceeds anything else offered on the market today. As an independent tyre producer, Vogue is able to seek out the best engineering, technology, and manufacturing practices in the world to offer a finished product that lives up to the legendary expectations of our voracious legion of fans. A product that we proudly stand behind.

What we offer your customers is far more than just a warranty; it is our Century of Craftsmanship Pledge.


Vogue Tyres are covered against accelerated tread wear for a full 60,000 miles. Only tyres with the highest level of quality and precision build quality can withstand the challenges the world throws at them for the duration of 60,000 miles and Vogue Tyres are absolutely up for this monumental task.


Sure, other manufacturers may say they guarantee that you’ll love their tires. How many are willing to let you roll down the road for a full 30 days and still refund your hard-earned cash if you’re not happy with your purchase? Vogue Tyres offers exactly that. A “buy and try” guarantee that allows your customers a full month to see if Vogue Tyres live up to the hype. Trust us, once our tyres are on someone’s ride, they’re usually a fan for life.


What happens in the unlikely event that your Vogue Tyres suffer a failure on the road? Don’t worry, we’ve got your customers backs here too:

  • Vogue will pay for your road service, from the nearest service point, to replace the Tyre with a spare tire; or

  • Pay for the cost to repair the flat tyre.

Are we that confident that our tyres won’t fail out there in the real world due to manufacturer defects? You bet we are.


What happens if you’re out on the open road and your Vogue Tyres suffer a failure but you can’t find another Vogue tyre at the local shop? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back here too. Get back on the road with another brand of tyre and we’ll reimburse you for the replacement once you get back home.

Backing up a quality product with comprehensive coverage is only a small part of the Vogue Tyre experience. Whether your customers are looking to stand out with a bespoke whitewall design or they’re looking for a hand-built tyre that represents the finest in craftsmanship; Vogue Tyre offers a wide selection of tyres that are backed up by our Century of Craftsmanship Pledge. This combination ensures that your customers stay raving fans and return to buy from you year after year.

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